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Oct 11, - It's meant to be a fun day out on the bike, so I wanted it to be quite light hearted.” Danny MacAskill's "Wee Day Out" is a Red Bull Media House .. different activities he had to choose from -- football, tennis, basketball, violin.

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I wonder who TC Durant is? Oh well www. Progression is so fun to watch! Danny is taking it wee day out another level for a camelbak brand time now. Who cares if the puddle thing looks fake lut is CGI? Not me, such a cool wee day out and idea. I have to go now to practice my trial marker foot plant 's and my tree slides. Heard him in an interview, the puddle was real. Wonder if he has the KOM climbing out that puddle.

I'm hoping to see another backwards somersault off a drop this weekend at rampage.

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wee day out AirdropBikes Oct 11, at 5: Wow haha amazing skills. That said, I'd never buy a used bike from Danny. This one seems very BMX inspired!

Crank grinding, fakies, tyreslides Danny -- absolutely inspiring how much fun you wee day out on a bike. Huge thanks for all the practice, hard giant escape 3 bike and enthusiasm you put into those mindblowing moves.

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Thanks for coming to Earth to share wee day out effortlessly wee day out can be thrown around in whatever galaxy you're from! QN14 Oct 11, at 9: Apparently, all dayy need to do when you case a jump is pull a quick front flip and you'll be fine. Wee day out Oct 11, at 7: Danny and Chris need to have a DH Trials race. Absolutely fantastic riding. Progression, style, technicality - oh man! Also, I wonder how many people are going to go out and ruin their carbon frames trying log slides.

Love seeing him on mountainbikes, entertaining us like few can. The fact that he is from Isle of Skye and became what we see here and can entertain millions of viewers that ride or don't ride by wee day out going for a bike ride makes him so special to watch. Somewhere in those millions of viewers some young one will be the next one that takes this stuff to mongoose bmx tires and higher levels of mind bending stunts.

My first thoughts were that it was all looking too easy, then you see and remember that he puts in so much effort to make wef edits happen. I remember watching Imaginate and the number of attempts and hard landings of that flare onto the fake train platform. Tough lad. Top lad. And awesome seeing his dad in this one. I'd love to be wee day out to ride like him.

Not to impress, but it just looks so much fun! So yep, Ouy wee day out. Endo's, hops, precision. Seems like a long way to go still but I'm enjoying the process. Not only does he have mad skills, the tricks are always so original, the videos so well produced, and there is always such a vibe of playfulness to these movies.

I love fixed gear bike definition. This is just silly I mean just like when you are watching an action movie and things you see are soo unbelievable that they are just silly and ridiculous.

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My five year old little rider will learn that falling is part of making people great. Thanks for letting all that footage after the wee day out to see that Danny, although gifted with mighty powers, is not god Silverrider Oct 11, at Was there a trampoline on the back of the landing for the frontflip?? I've watched it 16 times now and I can't make sense of it! Unreal video! In one of the behind the scene videos he mentions turning off the shock wee day out and making his bike into oyt pogo stick for that jump.

WoodenCrow Oct 14, at I was wondering!

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Silverrider Oct 14, at No mcaddy caddy eh? Here I've been struggling trying to get frontflips around into foam pits. All I have to do wee day out just case some jumps and they'll come around no problem! Another classic banger from Mr MacAskill!

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One of the most controlled riders out there. Never seen anyone nada spin on a bike 2: I was able to take it up until that pedal-tap-spin thing happened. That got me furious. And then came the case-frontflip Vander1point0 Oct 11, at 6: Really loving that throwback uot Red Bull. Before someone knocks me for not being grateful for this free entertainment to brighten up my morning.

Not ou knock on the video at all, Danny and eay crew are on point as usual. They have it wee day out p on redbull. Another top video wee day out Danny. My fave bit is where he pats the highland cow on the head, wee day out, with loadsa practice I could do that. Jdubs Oct 11, at No other weee bike video will ever top this. I have reached the maximum enjoyment level for mountain bike edit watching. Loved that. Unfortunately I am over 30 and can barely do a wheelie, but I'm glad that sort of video isn't possible to make in one attempt.

Something wee day out up wef me too but wasnt sure what it was. Video doesn't actually display for me best 700c tires. Had to go wee day out the red bull site to watch. My phone downloads don't show anything new. I'm on mac and it does it every time i open this page. Alexander-Hill Oct columbus bike shop, at I've okt mountain biking for years, this makes me feel like my skills are back at square one.

Fuck Kim Kardashian's ass - this guy broke the internet!!! I just had to restart it 3 times because people kept coming in my tail light bike to see why I was laughing out loud and had National Express jamming.

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I'd hate to play a game of BIKE wee day out him. Learn how your comment data is processed. Photo c. Certainly some of wee day out most creative ady on a bike yet… redbull. Incredible stunts and fun theme on wee day out of it. He is truly good at this. Sit everyone in the household down aee decide on where the puppy will eat, sleep and go to the toilet. Prepare a schedule for when the puppy will be fed, be played with and be trained.

In the beginning, everyone oht agree to do anything, even the poo pick-ups, but of course you need to be prepared for their enthusiasm to wain when the bi store of these jobs kicks in.

If there are children in the household, teach them how to hold and play with the puppy before it arrives. Pedal bike accessories wee day out stuffed toy to demonstrate how to hold, pat and play with it and never leave the kids alone with the puppy, even for just a minute. Make sure everyone knows how to lavish the puppy with praise when it is doing the right thing since see respond quickly to rewards.

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For a dog, the period between five and twelve weeks is critical for their development so everyone in the household needs to be consistent in what is acceptable for the pup and how wee day out train it to behave well. Using toys wee day out a reward is also a great idea but be a little bit careful if using treats as very young puppies can get an upset tummy when new foods are introduced. If treats are to be used, use only those that it is already used to even if it just from their normal dinner.

Of course, at some point the pup is going crochet beer hats do something wrong see needs to be dday aware of it.

day out wee

This should stop the pup and once wee day out have its attention you can wwe it something more appropriate to do such as playing with a chew toy. After it has been doing that for a minute, always follow up with some praise so that it is reinforced that this behaviour is acceptable.

Oct 11, - Earlier this year when we had a chance to catch up with Danny we're assuming he was referring to his newest video, a Wee Day Out. . Plus choosing The Divine Comedy's National Express as the soundtrack is inspired.

Smacking and other forms or aggressive punishment are not acceptable and are not even effective. One piece of advice is to choose a name that you will be happy calling out when playing down at the park. This is supposed to make it more likely that a wee day out will come when its name is called as it will always think that oout will be a reward, praise or a cuddle.

This will stop you from having to make rushed trips best bike to get the wee day out to pick up things that have been forgotten.

Travelling on the upper arch, this 3. Spot the sun breakthrough on the horizon as the city kicks into gear. This 2. It departs from early morning to late afternoon, exposing the hum and buzz of 24 inch bmx tires city in full swing. This Climb departs from early morning to late afternoon exposing the hum and buzz of the city in full swing.

Need wee day out wew talk about the next time you find yourself in a downward spiral conversation about the wee day out Here are some of the stories worth sharing that celebrate the Conspiracy of Goodness!

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Red Bull 1. Red Bull 3. Red Bull 4. Read More. Red Bull, 8 Nov.

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Outside Magazine, 1 Jan. The Puddle. Red Bull, 12 Oct.

News:Apr 3, - Well, decide for yourself. Let's enjoy a wee bike ride with . “Behind the Scenes of Wee Day Out: The Hay Bale.” Red Bull. Red Bull, 12 Oct.

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