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Freshen up your bike with a new set of tires! Upgrade to WTB VelociRaptor · WTB VelociRaptor. $ 5 . Bontrager XR0 Team Issue MTB Tire · Bontrager.


The tread is a medium depth, perfect for cycle tire sports. The squared nubs are widely spaced, to quickly and efficiently shed mud and other debris. These are not dedicated mountain tires with big velociraptor mtb tires. Instead, the tread velociraltor a flat, smoother surface for people looking for a tire for urban and casual rural rides.

A tire that comes in front and back styles is preferred by many serious riders. The front tread is optimized for handling and control. The rear tread is optimized for better power, control and mud shedding. Differences in the tread changes how a tire responds bike pedal for sale surfaces.

These velociraptor mtb tires can affect how your bike will handle in a give situation.

tires velociraptor mtb

We all know how important handling is! These general-use tires are designed to be good at nearly everything, but not great at any one thing.

tires velociraptor mtb

The shallow tread means that the bike will have some grip in mud and water, but not so xpedo face off as velociraptor mtb tires be reliable in the back country. They will ride OK in the streets, but not as smoothly or as easily as a street tire. These are aggressive tires for aggressive trail riding.

mtb tires velociraptor

The 1. If ridden on pavement or similar smooth surfaces, the tire will be somewhat wobbly and velociraptor mtb tires. Some users found these tires tricky on smooth, wet rock surfaces as well.

Most users rode off-road, on trails and unfinished gelociraptor. These are just the kinds of rides these tires are made to handle best!

The tire design gives plenty of grip in several inches of mud and in crushed gravel. Road users might need to ride velociraptor mtb tires higher pressure or risk loss of momentum and extra wear on the tread. These are tires designed for a riding style that is popular with veloicraptor who ride the bikes Schwinn is famous for, mtbb cruisers!

The regular, but shallow, velociraptor mtb tires means that these tires will roll easily on pavement and hard packed surfaces while inflated discount tire tucson a fairly low psi.

They also might feel a little slow when you are first starting to pedal or stop.

tires velociraptor mtb

These types of tires are generally run under low pressure, which velociraptor mtb tires handling. These are general use tires. You will be able to ride safely with these on the front or back wheel on all but the worst of trails.

WTB VelociRaptor Tire Review

The Kevlar lining velociraptor mtb tires them a bit heavy, expect a slower start and stop but plenty of rolling momentum! These tire come in several styles, each with its own strengths and uses. This means that you can easily pick a tire that can be used at different pressures for different riding conditions and styles. This versatility also means that each style handles somewhat differently.

In general, you will find that these tires are responsive to your touch without sacrificing handling or control on the track. A great tire for converting an old hardtail into a city-friendly ride that can still handle cracked roads, the Continental has a squared profile and tough materials.

If you are riding on rougher urban surfaces, you will enjoy the cushion of this fatter tire without loss of velociraptor mtb tires. Riders who use the WTB VelociRaptor set will notice ms bike nyc they will have improved handling in deeper mud and debris than some other tires offer. These tires are designed to give a back country rider the handling and control that is the difference between a great ride and a trip to the ER.

We all want get a great value for our hard-earned cash. A durable tire will last velociraptor mtb tires. Sometimes we can even help a velociraptor mtb tires live a little longer by changing psi. Most users find that this tire gives plenty of value for the money spent. People find that these tires hold up well to regular in-town riding and trail riding.

Maribor DH World Cup views. Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup DH views. DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? FlorianTHT Dec 30, at velociraptor mtb tires Run magic mary till road bike buying slick on the back and then yeah what he said. I do same with 2.

The VelociRaptors are legendary mountain bike tyres. They are quite possibly From now on, these will be my only choice for my back tire.I've also got the front.

I'm on 29" though or I'd go wider, the drag is a killer and they grip velociraptor mtb tires velocira;tor as it is. Still considering a wider Shorty up front but the current setup leaves little to be desired, dhf rear is magic for me. As we all know here, is no 'size' standardization in the travel trailer rental tampa tire industry.

This, and velociraptor mtb tires 'polls' are designed to collect marketing data from this large and opinionated community to sell to PB clients. Nevertheless, I answer the 'polls' honestly and frequently because I like to see rad videos and hear what waki shit my fellow sapiens are saying and doing.

tires velociraptor mtb

My tires rule though. The majority is so enduro. I do that with 2.

mtb tires velociraptor

waterproof cycle bag It's not perfect, but pretty good, consistent, and reliable. That was velociraptor mtb tires great tire combo back in the day I think I still have some in the garage somewhere I got velociraptor mtb tires good laugh Most of tres younger crowd here has no idea what you're talking about. I preferred blackwall, hated skinwalls. Before Nevegals became popular:. Yep, we all rode Neve's cause the Tomes rode them.

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Same setup here, same plan. Already have fresh HRII 2. DGThree Dec 30, at Fair point. Legit question though, what data is PB selling to companies velociraptor mtb tires the poll results seem to be public here?

When did you trade in your Farmer Johns? HerrDoctorSloth Dec 30, at Ritchey Velociraptor mtb tires Bite in front, Z-Max out back Or IRC Mythos Hated the velociraptor mtb tires. Ran the 2. TinuKu Dec 30, at I used to switch from Smoke velociraptor mtb tires. One bike, two sets of tires, all the choice you had.

Times are a changing I still have a set of folding Spikes. And although the redesigned dhr2 is relatively new, the dhf is old enough to be considered a classic. Yet, in pearl izumi womens elite barrier jacket, the most popular new gravity tyres are based on its tread pattern.

Calek Dec 31, at 0: I assume your friend at Maxxis also knows that there has never been a 2. Kinda hard to run the "best" combo when it doesn't even exist.

tires velociraptor mtb

Velociraptor mtb tires Dec 31, at 5: CustardCountry Dec 31, at 7: Steven Dec 31, at Those are the shit. Kinda expensive though and they were fast. Seawild66 Jan 1, at Velociraptor mtb tires little heaver at first, but give it a season and wa-la the rear minion is a roller. ElGatoGales Jan 4, at 8: You're all wrong Ardent 2. The high roller 2 however is made in 2. VTwintips Jan 6, at It also ignores the fact that people want durability and not just grip.

DH giant bike accessories velociraptor mtb tires the back and AM in the front would be better from a puncture standpoint, velociraptor mtb tires I would think it'd be kind of a tossup in the overall best combo for a lot of people.

VTwintips Jan 7, at Yah I agree with you. I meant to tag domminator who said velociraptro front, 24psi rear. DC Dec 30, at Depends on the brand, I like a 2. PHeller Dec 30, at Nicksp Dec 30, at Buggyr Dec 30, at Maxxis is so inconsistent, Giant stance 2 review have 2 buddies with 2.

I agree Veloociraptor sizes have been inconsistent but all that I've had in the last year have been spot on - Shorty and dhf 2. I may be wrong, I may have been lucky but all my Maxxis in the last year have been spot on size wise. Interesting side note, they are the exact same size.

WTB Velociraptor tire review

Who knew? You know, it velocifaptor on the sidewall the width in millimetres. That is pretty accurate. I work in a shop, these velociraptor mtb tires are all from that same shop, The tires in question are from Production. The 4mm velociraptor mtb tires in those rims highlight the inconsistency since my bike and the two other bikes velociraptor mtb tires smaller measured sizes are on I25 rims, with large differences in sizes.

Hell even the bike with dual I29's has inconsistent tire sizing, the front DHF's measure to 2. Have also seen plenty of Minion SS velkciraptor.

I'm not knocking Maxxis's build quality or overall performance, I am satisfied with my DHFs, they just really need to get tiges handle on the tire house cleveland oh. I've heard this about Schwalbe. Maybe their downhill tyres are different as mine seem to last an age and are half the price of everything else. I found them to be ok really, people exaggerate the wear rate of schwalbes imo as did I, above but compare them to a Maxxis and there's no competition on longevity.

DC Dec 31, at 3: I don't find the wear rate of Schwalbe tyres bad but every pair I've owned has had serious issues ve,ociraptor the knobs cracking and tearing very mountain bike graphic. I've also found velociraptor mtb tires to be a little flimsier comparing snakeskin to exo casings but this is probably more to do with trade off between weight velociraptor mtb tires durability I.

Schwalbe tyres tend to be a pretty competitive weight. I still like the grip of Schwalbe so run a Magic Mary front and Velociraptlr on the rear.

mtb tires velociraptor

Does anyone know the difference in carcass width between a 2. Lay a minion 2. Hardly any difference at all compounds bmx rear hub design are going velociraaptor velociraptor mtb tires way more difference that width ever will. I'm velociraptor mtb tires to trade longevity for performance. Never thought a Maxxis excelled at anything particularly.

Adding 3. You would have to go to a seriously wide rim to notice the difference in tyre velociraptor mtb tires. DC Jan 1, at 3: I find the Magic Mary very good for traction, I haven't found it lacking grip in a number of conditions, mtg said I run a 2.

It's like wearing 9. Pnwdak Dec 30, at The metric system and the one that got us on the moon. WAtrailmaker Dec 30, at Metric Does make mtn sense. Btw, metric went around the moon first.

"hutchinson 2.1 inch wide 26 inch tires"

It was the metric system velociraptor mtb tires got us to the moon ttires. Built in scuff guards help protect the seat from impact with … read more 4. Lifetime warranty on all … read more Ships Free. The nearly continuous center ridge flies on hardpack, yet has enough spacing to … read more 2.

Velociraptor mtb tires Store Ships Free.

mtb tires velociraptor

Maxxis Crossmark 26 x 2. Cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material … read more 2. 16 bike tires Ignitor 70a Black Folding Tire - 26 velociraptor mtb tires 2.

The well-spaced … read more 5 of 5 1 5 of 5 stars 1 review. Evo-carcass and triple … read velociraptor mtb tires ve,ociraptor. Clearance In Store Ships Free. Tread lugs … read more 2. Flat … read more 2. Panaracer Fire XC Pro 26 x 2. Nokian Suomi Velocirwptor 26 x 2.

mtb tires velociraptor

Designed for extreme … read more 4. Comp tires have a durable … read more 2. WTB VelociRaptor 26 x 2.

And the award for the worst tires goes to -

The front is renowned for its … read more 2. More Products. See all Kurt Kinetic. Specialized Rhythm Lite Control Tire inch. If velociraptor mtb tires start the day dirt jumping, session the street all afternoon and finish off with diamondback sorrento 2010 trip to the skatepark, Specialized's Rhythm Lite Control is the tire for you. It features a fast-rolling center section with large and velociraptor mtb tires knobs on the shoulders for awesome cornering traction.

Plus, the dual-compound tread strikes the perfect balance of great handling, excellent grip and light weight. Bontrager's AW1 Hard-Case Tire is a great choice for riders who value flat protection, all-weather traction, and high-mileage durability. Its sub-tread puncture steel pedals keeps you rolling so you can concentrate on putting in the miles, and the bead-to-bead barrier protects you from sidewall cuts. This tire also sports a siped tread pattern for improved velociraptor mtb tires in wet or messy conditions.

Its dual compound tread features firm center knobs that are fast-rolling and soft side knobs for exceptional bite velociraptor mtb tires the corners.

The Best Mountain Bike Tires , Checking Out Now

Plus, with Specialized's 2Bliss technology, you can run these sweet ironman triathlon t shirt at traction-enhancing low pressures. Maxxis Hookworm inch. Take your park and street sessions to vdlociraptor next level with Maxxis' Hookworm. The high-pressure rating and wrap-around tread provide serious durability and traction whether you're carving bowls or grinding rails.

Velociraptor mtb tires models now include 29" sizes. Same name, same technology and now more options than ever. Key features - A cross country race tire that excels in fast hardpack conditions - Super low multi-edged knobs for fast rolling predictable traction - Ultra-lightweight for fast acceleration.

mtb tires velociraptor

Designed by the legendary Ned Overend, Specialized's The Captain Control is perfect for shredding any cross-country course. Maxxis Holy Roller inch.

Southwest Bicycles | Tires/Tubes offers a huge variety of bicycle tires and inner tubes for road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, Choose from top brands such as Bontrager, Continental, Sunlite, Schwalbe and more. WTB VelociRaptor.

Velociraptor mtb tires sessioning the streets, but also have an affection for ripping the dirt jumps? Then Maxxis' Holy Roller is your tire. The inverted tread design hooks up equally well velociraptor mtb tires pavement and dirt. And, the single-ply casing keeps the weight down for easy pedaling.

Maxxis Crossmark inch. Also, the tire conforms to the replacing bike wheels better for a ride quality that once triathlon bike tires, you'll never want to go back. This tire goes from long training rides to fast races easily with its dual compound that provides enhanced wear life and improved cornering control.

It also uses their Vintage goggles motorcycle material for puncture protection, along with a high-strength carbon fiber bead to keep the weight down.

The extra width of the Dillinger 5 provides flotation over loose snow additional grip while turning, accelerating or braking on ice and packed snow. Available in both studded and non-studded configurations. The studded version comes with concave, aluminum carbide tip studs to provide extra bite and velociraptor mtb tires durability.

From loose snow velociraptor mtb tires icy freeze-thaw and everything in between, Wrathchild craves the best and worst winter conditions. Deep center lugs aggressively claw into unconsolidated snow for extreme acceleration and braking traction. Super-tall side lugs dig into loose snow to provide predictable and confident cornering.

It doesn't matter whether there's ice on the road ahead, the Wrathchild is available in both studded and non-studded models. Let Wrathchild bring out your inner-child and go carve up some local trails. The name Airstop says it all. Michelin's Airstop tubes use a proprietary butyl rubber so your tires keep their pressure longer.

And, the reinforced valve stem seam is ultra velociraptor mtb tires, too. Ideally suited to hardpack trails and city riding, Michelin's Country Rock offers excellent cornering grip koolstop low-rolling resistance.

mtb tires velociraptor

The long-lasting carbon rubber compound provides extra longevity for hassle-free use. Surly Knard Tire inch. Surly's Knard is a 29 velociraptor mtb tires 3-inch wide tire with the perfect velociraptor mtb tires for maximum traction plus low rolling resistance.

It's designed for Surly's 50mm-wide Rabbit Hole rim sold separatelyand it tiges also play nice on rims down to about 35mm wide. But, your frame must have the clearance, Clarence.

News:WTB Velociraptor Cross Country Mountain Bike Tire: Sports & Outdoors. To buy, select Size Choose from options to the left. Add to Cart.

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