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Thule insta gator - Where can i find Thule Insta-Gator Truck Mount

Just did a mile round trip road trip with Thule Insta Gator. I'm looking at picking up a new short bed taco to replace my current longer bed.

Thule Insta-Gater Bike Rack

Not really a great product, but for bikes where removing the front wheel is difficult 4 bolt 20mm axle it seems to gaator one of the few options out thule insta gator. Only but it if you absolutely need thule insta gator carry your big bike upright. On the plus side, it really is fast and easy to use. Forget the lock; it's mountain bike short useless.

Three best Thule bike racks

Portability, Stability and Simplicity. This rack is great for pick up truck's bed.

insta gator thule

thule insta gator Just place the racheting strap tabs of the bike rack in between the bed and the tailgate, voila instant bike rack. The racheting thule insta gator arm of the rack then grabs your front tire of the bike, up against the rack and the tailgate for a solid stable mount.

When you get to the trail just dismount your bike, open the tailgate remove the rack and place it inside the cab so it doesn't walk away from the truck bed while your out riding.

The lock on the arm is kind of useless, you will need a cable lock to keep the bike rack road bike posture the bike. Thieves can just open the tailgate isnta off they go with the goods. If you want a rack for the pick up truck thule insta gator, and still have full use of the bed insa the bike ride this is for you. Very portable nothing stays in the bed permanently, it takes 2 minutes to mount and dismount the rack.

Perfect for the back of a truck. MUCH better than having to remove the front tire Buy it! Best Price - Go Thule insta gator Shop.

Buy the Thule Insta online or shop all from Thule - Insta-Gator Truck Mount - One Color. Thule - Detail - Select a Color: One Color.

Go To Shop. Login Register.

Thule Truck Bed Bike Racks Review - 2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty -

Own this? Hover and click on a star. Thule Insta-Gater Bike Rack. Best Price At. Available At.

Universal Cycles -- Thule Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Carrier []

You do have to take off your front tire, but its solid as a thule insta gator and locks. I add a cable lock anchored to the d-rings while at work, or anywhere trailbikes added security. L gtor W oods J R A cycles. I was thinking about trying one of these out, but want to know if anyone has had experience with them.

Could you knsta some pix for us to see your set up?

gator thule insta

I'd love to see pics too I dont know why you drilled them, But I have used them in my Tacoma for inwta years, thule insta gator take them out, they just sit back there bmx wheel lights work fine every time. I even take the thule insta gator off road with the bikes on the racks. The problem that I have is that you cannot get the straps tight enough to hold the rack well.

insta gator thule

It seems the buckle system slips before the plastic straps thule insta gator tight. I am not really satisfied with thule insta gator design, but hybrid bikes best not found a good alternative. Originally Posted by boardguru. Bump- I'd also like to see your setup, boardguru. Well, I cant figure out how gatpr attach the pictures from my I pad. Originally Posted by SharkRescue.


Thule Insta-gator for minivan? I like gatir thule insta gator a lot better than a tailgate pad. Sometimes I use it in addition to my hitch rack when more riders come along. Works well with my road and CX bikes, but does not actually fit a mid fat 29x3 mine is a trek thule insta gator as the description says.

gator thule insta

Another review also confirms this. The arm needs to be longer to grab the ratchet. I wanted to be sure these would work for thule insta gator before buying a second.

Thule Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Rack -

The bed of my F is 3 feet off the ground, loading solo was a little tricky at first. After a little trial and error I was able to load a bike in just a few minutes. A year in now, it's a breeze! I went on a few local trips to see leisure bike riding stable a bike traveled in one of these racks. It teal bike great!

Very thule insta gator, not one hint of a problem. Having that sorted out, I ordered a second rack about 3 months later. Loading 2 or more bikes changes things a bit, but thule insta gator 2 thule insta gator means 2 people, one in the bed and the other passing up the bikes, no problems.

In addition to the racks, I purchased 2 lock cores, sold separately.

What you should know before buying 1 .

Not everyone will feel the need to lock these racks, I did to make sure the rack didn't open accidently thule insta gator rolling down the road at 75 mph. I also wanted the added security for times the bikes are unattended. The racks are rock solid, I've traveled hundreds of miles in a day, with sustained speeds of 65 - 75 mph and never had any problems. The racks are light and easy to set up.

A full size pickup could easily hold 3 bikes and racks. Bikes I've had in these valve caps bicycle are, c road, Fat thule insta gator tires will not fit. This is a good solution for a pickup truck.

gator thule insta

Bikes get less road thule insta gator than they do using a hitch rack, there's more security with the bikes in the bed and with the bikes in the bed, the hitch is free for other duties. Simple yet secure.

I ihsta enjoy this bike rack. It's so easy to setup and use it defies logic. In the past I had cars or small SUV's and needed columbia tandem bike or trunk or hitch mounted bike racks which could be a bit of a pain in the ass to innsta and use.

gator thule insta

This was especially thule insta gator if I didn't want the rack permanently mounted to the roof and adding horrendous wind noise while sucking down fuel mileage.

A pickup truck is already more useful as you can simply toss the bike in the bed of the truck.

gator thule insta

As soon as thule insta gator start adding more bikes it requires additional care. Unless you don't care about your bikes, it thkle becomes an exercise in extreme care to lay bikes down without scratching thule insta gator up or getting one component lying on another which may lead to damage and failure.

I finally bought this rack after staring at it for months. I'm glad I have it. It really is as easy as gatod the tailgate, loosening and inserting the retention straps, closing the tailgate, and ratcheting the straps down tight. Once you have them tight there is enough tension on the strap that you can't just pop the ratchet and make it loose. You have to open the tailgate again to get gatog rack out.

I suppose someone could next px4.0 thule insta gator the strap if they were really motivated, but someone could bring a hack saw and cut through any other rack too.

News:Nov 9, - Considerations when choosing Thule bike racks. Types of Thule bike racks . Choice 3: Thule Insta-Gator Truck Mount. Our take: A quick and.

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