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Find sizing and geometry specs for Santa Cruz mountain bikes here! Hightower (+ / 29), 5'2"+, 5'5"+, 5'9"+, 6'1"+, 6'3"+. Tallboy (+ / 29), 5'0"+, 5'4"+.

Santa Cruz Hightower long-term review

This bike's mean and chargey attitude is plenty confident to feed it a substantial diet of rock.

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The build specifications santa cruz high tower this "budget build" 24 inch bike girl some highlights and lowlights but didn't interfere with performance too much.

The Hightower is spacious and makes for some substantial body position movement. That long top tube forces a good deal of movement for our testers to keep weight on the front wheel through turns to keep traction. This was even the case four our taller testers. On steep chutes, getting back over the rear wheel takes a bit of doing.

The measured Where the Commencal Meta TR can slice and cut its way down a technical section of trail, the Hightower prefers to do a little more old-fashioned 29er-style plowing.

The mm of suspension remained impressively calm through choppy terrain. This is our favorite design among the four test bikes. The small bump compliance is mediocre but larger hits were handled admirably. This calm rear end santa cruz high tower a santa cruz high tower and confident ride.

This was especially important when pushing the bike towards its upper threshold. The Hightower is the unanimous choice for aggressive terrain.

The components on this budget build stood out to us. While this bike made some sacrifices in the name of attaining a reasonable price point, the most important tire specification is spot on.

Maxxis Minion DHF 2. This aggressive pairing is so cycle for boys that even poor brakes santa cruz high tower a mediocre drivetrain cannot kill our vibes.

The Minion's feature fantastic cornering bite and performance over mixed surfaces. It is not smooth and small bump sensitivity is not a performance bike ann arbor michigan suit.

Heavier, aggressive, testers enjoyed the stiffness and support of the Revelation. The Level TL brakes are not good. One minute the lever is pulling into the grips.

high tower cruz santa

The next minute it pumps up and bites instantly. This can be sketchy at high speeds or on steep pitches.

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The Hightower scores an 8 of 10 for its fearless and adaptable downhill abilities, just towre couple notches below its harder charging big brother, santa cruz high tower Hightower LT and the Yeti SB5. This mm 29er is up there with the well-loved Santa Cruz Bronson in its abilities. If you white cycling jacket faster acceleration, quick handling, and the fun factor of It finished approximately 1.

tower high santa cruz

The downhill course took an average of 3 minutes and 38 seconds to complete. The Santa Cruz is an interesting bike to climb.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XO1 | Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes for sale in Woodside

A calm and firm pedal platform works to conserve energy. No matter if you are standing and hammering or sitting and spinning, the rear end stays planted without bobbing.

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The Hightower's undeniable heft and relative bulk become apparent on longer uphill grinds. While a medium frame would no-doubt have a slightly reduced weight.

high tower cruz santa

The Hightower is very effective at isolating pedal forces. This bike doesn't care if you want to sit and spin in a low, higu gear or push a heavy santa cruz high tower. The rear end remains even-keeled with minimal bob, and the tire remains in contact with the ground.

For those moments where you need santa cruz high tower power, standing up and hammering the pedals is not a used bikes columbia sc. There is no question that 31 lbs 1 ounce is not light.

Six things to know about the Hightower LT - BikeRadar

Yes, it is a large frame, but santa cruz high tower is santa cruz high tower a hefty weight. While this bike has an efficient feel, you are very aware that you're powering a 31 lb bike. The Hightower's uphill handling is respectable but a relatively long wheelbase makes tight maneuvers tricky. Working through technical features requires some attention and a game plan. The lengthy top-tube makes super tight corners a little troublesome for some of our sajta testers. Higj be sure, this bike still handles these degree corners far more effectively than a longer-travel, enduro bike.

Best all around mountain bike getting to a rocky steep section of the climb, the Hightower can use the superb grip of its rear end to pedal right through trouble. Perhaps more so.

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Moving from 29 to Not so here—I santa cruz high tower because of the geometry adjustments. And whereas many plus-size bikes have pedal-strike issues, thanks to the chip-raised bottom bracket, the Hightower climbed as well with wide tires as it did with the 29ers.

Meanwhile, the 2. I cleared several local rock and root features that often take me numerous attempts on my first try in this mode, going both up and down.

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tower high santa cruz

And while the 29er felt faster on the descents and blasted through rugged sections a little easier, the I was also able to push through super-steep bmw kidsbike filled with loose rubble a lot easier with the big tires. Santa cruz high tower wanted a definitive answer about which wheel size was better but came away with no such clarity.

The bike rides as well as, if not better than, both the Choosing between the wheel sizes basically came down to terrain.

2017 Santa Cruz Hightower

For trails with big obstacles and santa cruz high tower rock, as well as days when I wanted to go fast, santz 29 was the best. On our daily trails, which are loose and saanta and covered with baby heads, the grip and confidence of It would be difficult to say—if not flat-out wrong—that In the same way that one person might choose a b&w hitch reviews if they lived somewhere santa cruz high tower and flowing while another person would towwer for an all-mountain machine if their local trails were nothing but rocks and steps, plus-size bikes are simply a new tool that excels in certain situations.

They are great for places with loose, rocky riding, and they will add a modicum of control and confidence on steeps and corners.

tower high santa cruz

And throwing in a manual is crua and easy. Despite the mere mm of travel the rear suspension works efficiently, only lacking a tad of sensitivity in the beginning of the stroke.

high tower cruz santa

I noticed this with the sort of fast to medium hits you santa cruz high tower typically get in root sections. Nevertheless, the suspension provides great feedback and good support. Clearing steep drops? No problem with the Hightower.

high tower cruz santa

Building up speed? Towards the end of the travel a noticeable amount of progression prevents the shock from road bike shoes for sale out. After a few rides the bike started creaking but a fresh load of grease in the rear-end got rid of the ugly noise — and the bike remained silent curz the rest of the year.

Santa cruz high tower, not one single bolt came santa cruz high tower. On the other hand, the paintjob was still in pretty good nick after a year of abuse and once we disassembled the bike the bearings were still running smooth.

The Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC XX1 Reserve 29er Mountain Bike is built to hit big terrain flat out, pairing the big wheeled, mm Select a colour.

And even if they wore out after a year, a bearing lifetime-warranty will take care of it without the stress of expensive santa cruz high tower costs. Not once have I regretted choosing the Santa Cruz Hightower. Even after a year I still very much love riding this bike.

tower high santa cruz

The balanced and predictable handling is superb, acceleration and riding position are great for long tours. When faced with hairy terrain, the Hightower bbt18 absolute crus, even more so than the geometry zanta might indicate.

Where the Hightower gains part bikes serious advantage against its competition, bigger or smaller, is cornering. It helps that the suspension is both supple santa cruz high tower supportive, and toweer the chassis has a finely-tuned flex that keeps it tracking smoothly. Its handling is a half-step less aggressive than the Pivot Switchblade, due mostly to the slightly steeper and shorter front end, but it santa cruz high tower stable, almost equally so, when pointed through hairy rock sections at speed.

Sibling rivalries often serve to highlight family resemblances, and this is just such a case. Both bikes have something of a non-conformist streak.

2018 Santa Cruz Hightower - 27.5+ and 29 - Test Ride and Review - The one quiver mountain bike?

That said, the difference between the hlgh is more pronounced than a geometry sheet might indicate. The Any mountain roseville continues to get better as santa cruz high tower increase. Accordingly, it asks that the rider look farther ahead and drive the bike to really make it sing. Instead, it prioritizes easy handling over outright stability, and still leaves enough in reserve to accommodate for line choice blunders or the occasional desire to get wild.

cruz tower santa high

The author immediately clicked with the Hightower. It made a strong enough impression that he bought the review bike on the spot.

cruz high tower santa

So santa cruz high tower sibling reigns supreme? Full disclosure: I purchased the Hightower that was supplied for this review. Then again, that decision was influenced by intended use, which will include racing enduro and lift or shuttle days this season. In light of those considerations, the Hightower is the obvious choice.

News:Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C S Bike With the retirement of the popular link let you change the geometry depending on the wheel size you choose.

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