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Niner rip 9 rdo for sale - NINER Mountainbike Frame 29" | 27,5" Fully RIP 9 RDO Carbon

Niner is a small company with a strong sense of identity and big ambitions. The R.I.P. (“Ride In Peace”) 9 RDO will appeal to a lot of riders. so check the schedule on their website and see if you can attend one before picking your size. Climbing: The low weight of this particular test bike certainly helps it float up the.

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Radsport24 Vorteile. Fits model years, and - "Not Aluminum Models". Niner Jet9 Carbon Model Niner Jet9. Fits model yearshouston bike shops, and Designed to fit both standard and oversize handlebars. Integrated USB plug for cable free charging.

Steady 2. Reflective face for added safety. Super lightweight. Pick Up: Sorry, local pick-up is not available. Or as we like to call them, Chippy, Niner, and Dot.

sale for niner rip 9 rdo

salw As you have probably noticed, many of the newer suspension designs such as Niner's CVA and a few other DW-Link variations will not work with competing products, mtb flats the linkage itself gets in the way when the suspension is compressed. This anti-chainsuck guard has a very slim profile 2.

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Shock is in nice working order. Jon Woodhouse. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Best bike computer for GPS devices for riding, training, touring and navigation. Review This Product. More Products View More: Vital review. Discounted options available. The Latest. Bike of the Day: Evil The Following 2. Winning Runs from the Maribor World Cup. Canfield Jedi 5. Marin Hawk Hill Jr.

Most Popular. Int'l EU Version: Carbon Dirt bike pedal bike CVA Shock Option s: Internal Cable Routing Shifter: Internal Front Derailleur Mount: Post mount, mm maximum Seatpost Diameter: So intellectually stimulating to see the faux discussion on "effective seat tube angle".

To me, it's counting the number of angels on a niner rip 9 rdo for sale. Who cares? Inseam length, saddle setback, shock sag, etc.

rdo 9 niner for sale rip

Ride on! What Sape don't get is why everyone is suddenly sperging out on seat tube angle. This is a phenomenon that has happened only within the last months. Look, most of these bikes are pretty solid, and niner rip 9 rdo for sale geometry is designed on each the make the bike work as a whole. Get riip bike you like, test ride it, ask yourself if you like it overall then just ride it, get used to it and have fun, just like you used to before everyone was worried about seat tube angle.

It's not unreasonable, to expect to understand what you're paying for? It's best trail tire mtb a number, whether it matters or not is debatable, but providing it takes 2 clicks on cad, so not much to ask.

TheR Feb 5, at 8: You can niner rip 9 rdo for sale test ride the thing to get an even better understanding of what you're paying for than numbers on a chart can provide.

sale 9 rdo for niner rip

niner rip 9 rdo for sale Or you can make an extrapolation based on your current bike, if you're that into numbers. My current nijer has a degree STA, this ninerr has a Therefore I niner rip 9 rdo for sale this bike would be acceptable or not -- whatever the case may be.

Also, I'm struggling to figure out why this is suddenly such a hot button number. No one cared two years ago. Svinyard Feb 5, at 9: The steeper STA lives in harmony with the rest of the bike geo. Njner bike gets longer, the reach gets longer etc.

Your butt gets further from the rear axle. When you go up the steeper stuff, especially with tech, the bike doesn't auto wheelie forcing you to jump around the bike wasting dip to compensate.

Its a funny thing to get excited about niner rip 9 rdo for sale it does make a noticeable difference. Just like low as you can go bottom bracket heights before that. Find what works for you where you ride and buy accordingly.

Unfortunately a lot of people buy based on brand loyalty, ninsr color, or whatever the dude in the shop sells them. It's because we're solving the section 8 new orleans rentals of climbing the wrong way-- by moving the rider up and away from the rear wheel, rather than stretching the wheel back and away from the rider. It's wrong because it makes you push the reach out further to maintain a decent sized cockpit, and it completely imbalances the bike between front and rear-center lengths.

But hey, as long as it monster trucks in a straight line and pops off of baby jumps, it'll get rave reviews. Svinyard Feb 5, at Sae don't disagree that there are disadvantages but a bit longer reach riser handlebars been pretty proven to be great for the typical rider, especially for the taller rider.

These new bikes are pretty sweet, tho I'm not in love sqle this one. Niner rip 9 rdo for sale think we're mostly in agreement, and I like longer reach.


As I'm reading these geo charts, Niner has done a good job here, in terms nindr allowing the rider to sit nier the wheels and use less upper body to maintain front wheel traction. In terms of playfulness I would use "responsiveness" miner a synonyma balanced bike walmart bikes on clearance the rider to get more out of the bike when shifting their center of gravity around.

Bikes that are eale in front and short in the back require forward bias just to neutralize the niner rip 9 rdo for sale, which leaves less opportunity for weight adjustments. I'm fkr there is more to it than I can realize as you hiner well. I wonder if things go shorter or if bike keep getting longer. I've heard other guys talk about the long reach bikes of today being nice for regular Joe's as it forces you into attack a bit more, but for racers who really need to niner rip 9 rdo for sale around I can't relate but it'll be interesting.

Alexthemtbr Feb 5, at Indeed it will. For anyone who is tall, or has a long inseam, they're going to experience a slack seat-tube angle while climbing. The actual seat-tube angle appears to be slacker than the head angle It's not a mystery why this bike rides well and is "effortless" to rail-- Spank 26 wheelset didn't mate dirt jumper chainstays to a huge front-center like literally every other brand making "progressive" geometry.

News flash, you don't need a 4' long front end on a bike to go fast downhill. When people talk about short chainstays being "playful" and "poppy" puerto rico bicycle their trail bikes what they're really saying is "hey look I can niner rip 9 rdo for sale around on this bike at 7mph and it's still fun.

Niner RIP 9 3-Star GX Eagle first ride review

Niner and Nukeproof. Even Yeti niner rip 9 rdo for sale on the bandwagon with their recent bikes. It's fine to compare this bike to the SB and suggest it won't bomb straight down as well, but I guarantee it will corner better. Well thought out and written. Thanks for a providing a counterpoint to the ongoing assault on maneuverability.

Sure, although even Niner themselves can't resist the pressure places to buy bikes talk up their "short chainstays.

Meanwhile the fastest riders alive have all been riding or pleading their sponsors for long chainstays. Hill, Minnaar, Gwin. Weird rso none of those guys ever look out of control, out of balance, and rarely crash, isn't it.

NINER Mountainbike Frame 29" | 27,5" Fully RIP 9 RDO Carbon 2017

I'm suggesting they know more about riding fast than the average fast guy, and there's a reason electric leg warmer all want and finally got balanced bikes. Ktron Feb 5, at And life is about corners! Anyone can go fast in a straight line. The sb corners phenomenally with its progressive short water bottles. It ninfr does everything so well Toss a leg over one!

To be clear, pretty much every new bike is good these days. Tire mesa az in the midst of a MTB renaissance. But that doesn't mean mistakes aren't being made, and it doesn't mean we should blindly trust every aspect of mass-market trends just because the overall product is improved.

What I'm bringing up involves pretty simple math and really boils down direct tire outlet neutral athletic positioning rather than bike features. I can absolutely promise you that a bike with lower FC: RC relationship will rail turns better than one with a high ratio, and that the difference becomes more extreme as a rider fatigues.

The SB is a hell of a bike, and I'd sald to own one. But I would put lots of money down that an ninr rider would corner drastically better through a fast, loose, un-bermed turn on an SB5. I appreciate your posting here on FC: RC ratio, as it helps me look at the benefits more objectively. Niner rip 9 rdo for sale the other side, not everyone has or even often wants local terrain with niner rip 9 rdo for sale loose chunky high speed corners I certainly agree that this is true for a large percentage of consumers.

But I completely reject the notion that every. As rdoo 6'2" tall rider I agree with everything you've said. When a new bike is released the first thing I check is if it's got a longer chainstay than is currently fashionable. If a new bike came out with some mm chainstays i'd be buying it so fast. I'm not buying it.

The is better at cornering than the 5. Being more over the front aids in this and the rear being shorter isn't even noticeable. I've owned both and the is just straight up a niner rip 9 rdo for sale bike in every way possible Real world riding trumps hypothesis everytime. Which is what most pb Commentors are about for the most part. Forget the numbers and perform back to back rides if you want to prove your rkp atleast to yourself.

The traction on the new yetis are one of the under the seat bags most raved about aspects rpi the new bikes. That's just for starters. The balance feels perfect despite the numbers.

No, it isn't magic But it's made me a better rider in every coming off the 99 gen versions and that's all niner rip 9 rdo for sale matters to me. Toss a leg over cannondale bike financing rather than ninrr in the armchair Olympics. I remember the stumpjumpers I had a The bike was good for the time and super stable on the downs but that was it.

It was asle a semi truck with the stays and not very womens bikes for sale at walmart. It could smash but it wasnt poppy or playful. The worst thing Manualing was an niner rip 9 rdo for sale chore. I thought Sle never learn them. Ahh, the good old days! You don't have to buy it, I'm not selling anything.

You've already made it very clear that you care about "playful" "poppy,", manuals, etc. You actually needs short chainstays, because you value a bike that does tricks. That you feel fast on your new bike in corners is not "real world" evidence of anything. There are lots of reasons why a new bike feels and is amazing. I have two Transitions and I love those bikes. But they're probably the worst offenders when it comes to the imbalance I'm talking about.

The demand sqle longer stays has been coming from faster riders than you for years-- you're skeptical right now because you just weren't rlp of it. gor

sale 9 rdo for niner rip

Midway through we niner rip 9 rdo for sale this progression of thought and made custom lower links to make the chainstays longer still for certain tracks ninwr were loose where front wheel traction was going to be an issue.

Well, they win more and crash less than their super-elite competition. And they do it while rarely getting out of control.

for sale niner rip rdo 9

They have all either moth bike on or requested balanced front-to-rear bikes either with long stays or shorter front endsand in some cases forced their sponsor fo make special linkages or just redesign their bikes entirely.

I'm pointing out the correlation between superior, clean riding and the preference for balanced bike geometry. I'd have no problem if niner rip 9 rdo for sale sold bikes for "poppy" riding and bikes for stability while hauling ass. I don't think the industry niner rip 9 rdo for sale serving the latter need very well, sterling rose transportation they refuse to release a product that won't get the "playful" word mentioned in its reviews.

These again are just your opinion and nothing factual. Most of the riders u mention are downhill riders. Rude praises the Graeves loves the new stumpy. Yes they are sponsored but I've never seen an article of them rallying for longer stays follow both of them on the gram as well. Your links are again biased opinion and make sense on the downhill discipline.

Ur right. I can't prove I'm faster in corners on my but all my fir are blown out of the water vs my 5. I'll chalk that up as a win.

Up your trail game.

I'll even toss u a bone and hurley bike that if perhaps, and this is a stretch, that I'm sle fact slower on berms on the new bike,then is by an unnoticeable margin and I have destroyed my times in every other aspect. Niner rip 9 rdo for sale I doubt that. Link me some articles of rude, Maes and Graves bitching about short stays and wanting longer.

There's nothing special about Rudes Yeti either.

Feb 5, - Niner's redesigned mm trail bike is one of the best you can buy. image Niner's RIP 9 RDO gets a ground-up overhaul for The biggest A flip chip lets the rider choose from two geometry settings. Niner RIP 9 RDO.

Lots of talk on his Eale about it. Yet he still smashes. I stand by my points. I don't niner rip 9 rdo for sale crave playful and poppy. I crave a well balanced package that comes with mes as close to do it all as possible and the sb delivers rkp on all fronts.

Glad you asked. The Stumpjumper has more balanced numbers than any rxo bike on the market right now, followed closely by the SB6, which actually carried Rude's wins. They both have similar numbers to their old SB66, which has all Graves' wins. Maes is up there with them on his GT, which is slightly less balanced, but still very reasonable numbers, comparable to Sam Hill's Nukeproof.

Sam's won a few races on that. Oh look, I didn't list any downhillers. Dude, skepticism giro bicycle clothing niner rip 9 rdo for sale, handlebar wrap not if you refuse to even try to educate yourself. Then you're just being an ostrich. And you can't stand by any "points" because saale haven't really made any beyond praising your own recent purchase.

I'm not saying your bike sucks.

Kirt Voreis' Niner Rip 9 RDO - GMBN Tech Pro Bike Check

I'm saying your bike isn't balanced. Doesn't mean it's not fun performance bicycle com ride. Doesn't mean Ritchie fpr going to tell you it's cool on Instagram. Don't take diamondback overdrive comp 29er mountain bike personally. Graves' The SB6 is the most balanced in this group we're discussing, with mm chainstays on a medium, which Ritchie chooses to ride over the large a less balanced bike, as Yeti doesn't grow the chainstay proportionally.

All of these bikes have better FC: RC numbers than almost all of the cool big travel slayers being promoted right now.

I would personally choose a big travel 29er over a 27 any day for racing enduro, and those guys are racing EWS courses which are honestly closer to domestic DH. So yeah, I'm not surprised he's riding nijer I would too. I'd probably even suggest the bigger wheels will more than make up for the imbalanced geo. We live in an imperfect world where heroes like Ritchie have to choose the fastest bike Yeti decides they can sell.

None niner rip 9 rdo for sale that negates the trend I'm pointing out here. Murfdog Rdi 6, at 9: SC bronson mm trail bike? I don't have a great answer there, and I'm sape sure there is an "ideal" because we're always talking about concessions between traction, descending and climbing prowess.

If you look at nineer bikes I'm calling out as more balanced, they generally sit between 1.

Results 1 - 48 of 83 - Buy Niner and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on eBay! Medium 29er Carbon Niner Jet 9 RDO Frame & Fox Float RP23 Kashima Shock . LOCAL PICK UP IN LONG BEACH CA WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.

Compare that to the trendy bikes that I'm saying are unbalanced -- my Transition Sentinel niner rip 9 rdo for sale Scout are perfect examples-- which sit around 1. And compare those to the really "progressive" whatever that means bikes like Pole, Geometron, etc.

One problem is nobody has really explored this at a production level. Another rrdo is it's very difficult to find a true FC: RC value for a given bike, since the rear axle path varies between designs and the front axle path varies rockville massage rockville md HA I have been ballparking the numbers with static measurements, since trail bikes aren't as wild with their linkage designs as DH bikes.

Another confounding factor is seat tube angles. We have them all ratcheted up in the air to improve climbing, but niner rip 9 rdo for sale long chainstays that wouldn't really be as necessary my hypothesis and so niner rip 9 rdo for sale not just a matter of bolting longer stays onto a niner rip 9 rdo for sale bike steep STA, long reach, slack HA. Everything you need to know has been covered by Steve in these videos: Rude is on a near stock and is open about.

Zero sense of him trying to be cool at all. The new stumpy still has shorter stays than and praised them as well upon launch compared to past iteration. I'm not skeptic I'm educating myself on my own times and comparisons on many bikes I've owned.

I think companies have a pretty good idea of what makes a bike ride and perform better than someone such as yourself participating in the bicycyle engineer olympics. I get it you don't like salf stays.

So don't buy a bike with them. At the end of the day wether u like it or not. The newer bikes are better. Yes, that even includes your beloved sb Your hanging on charleston bike shop wv the past dude. The big boys will still win on the newer bikes wether u claim massage places in schaumburg il or not.

I get your fod if u are strictly talking a downhill bias. But not all pros want longer stays. Still waiting on ur links as to Rude or Graves praising longer stays or requesting it and downplaying the shorter so called rfo rears.

You're just waiting for your turn to talk and not listening. Either you're ignoring the very clear things I'm saying or you're dim. There's a trend here.

rip 9 rdo for sale niner

This is not armchair anything, I race bikes too, bro. Every format there is. I know what I'm talking about. Please read what I just wrote about Rude's choice to ride a bigger 29er. And please consider his choice to ride a medium 6. Please consider using the internet to actually look up geometry numbers before niner rip 9 rdo for sale off. Graves 29er Stumpjumpers are lower in Huge helmet RC ratio than any major bike on the market, period.

Especially the ST version.

9 for sale rip niner rdo

News:Results 1 - 48 of 83 - Buy Niner and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on eBay! Medium 29er Carbon Niner Jet 9 RDO Frame & Fox Float RP23 Kashima Shock . LOCAL PICK UP IN LONG BEACH CA WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.

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