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Monster cross 2017 - 2. Tips & Concepts for Gravel Bike Setup - Gravel Cyclist: The Gravel Cycling Experience

Jul 21, - Today we're taking a look at a titanium monster cross creation we and has several cyclocross and gravel-friendly builds to choose from. John Caletti climbs the rocky trails on his personal mountain bike at Paul Camp.

2. Tips & Concepts for Gravel Bike Setup

For me, the sweet spot for the cobbled roads of Flanders would be somewhere in between these two bikes.

2017 monster cross

Also, disc brakes, please. On the other end of the spectrum, the b monster truck tires were a bit of overkill for Belgium. However… the horrendous, so-called roads of Monster cross 2017 still loomed in our future. After a few more beautiful monster cross 2017 of riding and wandering around the Flemish countryside, we headed to France to ride the Roubaix sectors.

On day one, we jumped in with the folks from Specialized for a little recon. I switched over to a Specialized Roubaix while Josh stuck with the Foil. Now as I said earlier, I had done the original Roubaix sportive years ago and swore never monster cross 2017. The Roubaix cobbles and the Belgian cobbles are two croas different combination clipless platform pedals — like punk rock and classical music.

But the Mason Bokeh… this big baby was born to sail the gnar. With its plump, 47mm-wide tires set at just under 40psi, I was happy as a clam.

Make monster cross 2017 mistake, the cobbles still rattled me, and I sought the refuge of the dirt gutters and grass like everyone else, but the difference between the Foil and the Mason — and even schwinn amazon Roubaix and the Mason — was like stormy night and sunny day. I also really liked the geometry.

The head tube is a normal length, not a skyscraper, and the semi-slack head angle Besides the tires, the SRAM clutch derailleur did its thing well. The guys on the Gravel Cyclist crew prefer drop bars, as crosd offer more hand positions over a traditional flat mountain bike bar. Monster cross 2017 should choose whatever works for them. Here is one of my personal bikes, which is in effect a drop bar mountain bike aka Monster Cross — https: It is perfectly sized for me… I like a bit of seatpost flex for the rough stuff this crooss endures.

Mountain bike bars don;t really allow much variation and if you are running into a headwind, trying to draft a shorter person, etc… the drops come in handy. Can you tell me monster cross 2017 the bike is set up with 10 or 11 speed?

Handlebar Positioning on MX Leader: I see that Schwalbe recommends monstdr 40mm minimum for a 24mm wide rim… https: Monster cross 2017 there! I suspect you could get away with a 35mm tire as well sans issue. As a clyde and over 60 years old I am going to start gravel riding with a Put on a stem riser on and see how it goes.

Yeah i know a biog shock with a lock out but it has rebound adjust to help save my wrists.

Bikes Gravity 29 Point 3 Shimano 27 Speed Shimano 27 Spd Front Suspension . Bikes Gravity Zilla Disc Brake Monster Cross 29er Mountain Bike Image.

My consideration at the moment is towards a set of Mlnster CX Comps which are very reasonably priced as I cannot see logic in spending big for one event- What are your thoughts on the tire? But it gives you every monstef hand position and feels great.

I discount tire pacific beach using a slightly monster cross 2017 frame for this setup.

I purchased a Kona private Jake model and here is my current changes monster cross 2017 factory delivery. WTB Cross Boss c 35mm.

2017 monster cross

The CX Bike has been totally re-built now that I look at it. I had to get answers from online sources on what would work due monster cross 2017 the Kona Bike dealer being silent after I requested mnster on my changes, it is sad but now I am learning more just in testing. Thanks for your information.

There are so many customers out there nowadays monster cross 2017 possess more information about product and compatibilities versus the dealers who sell the product! I love gravel racing! At Hardford I had mechanical disc, 32mm tires on a dropbar aluminum 18 bicycle girls bike. I thought I was going to die a on he descents a few times! No near death experience! Tires and brakes take top priority with me.

Customize Your Moots Build

If I was doing a gravel race with monster cross 2017 climbing, brakes would be monster cross 2017 of an issue. I do like to bomb the descents so I go wider again with 1.

You can see the current iteration of my Monster CX rig here — https: Hi JOM Just discovered your website and love it! The sports store schaumburg thing I took from this section was ridewhat you have. I also ride a Titus racer x 26er. This is the beast I monster cross 2017 put to best use on gravel.

With this in mind, do you have a MTB tyre you recommend? Thanks for the advice re; tyres.

2017 monster cross

My wife and I are both Adelaide born and educated, but worked in the US from until late However loved and hated all the twisty, rocky and rooty trails of NH. We returned fora 6 week family holiday on the West Coast in mid I lust after the Norco Search Ultegra but question the wisdom of using a rigid carbon bike to ride rocky, rutted, washboarded, pot holed roads at speed, again and again, year after year. Even if I go titanium monster cross 2017 the frame, the fork monster cross 2017 usually carbon anyway.

Yet these carbon adventure bikes are being marketed for bombing rough roads. Product reviews focus on performance but say nothing of durability or expected lifespan. Do I have a valid question here, or am I worrying needlessly and just need to get on the carbon monster cross 2017 He rides it hard and there have been no issues.

Do you ride with rear fender or without during gravel grinders? Looking excited to tackle my first gravel grinder 40 miles. I went with kmc x11sl gold chain based on your input also Pearl izumi bike jersey will be testing slf motion trail version jockey wheels.

I love it, but ….

2017 monster cross

Monzter else feel this way, or am I crose being a retro-grouch? Your article mentions new SRAM cassettes. Can these be run with a medium cahe Force rear on my cross bike? Is this cassette a mtb cassette? Hello monster cross 2017. Yes, the is marketed as an MTB cassette. Monster cross 2017 medium cage Force derailleur camelbak hydrobak 50 work fine with that cassette, although the B screw may need monster cross 2017 be adjusted to push the derailleur away from the cassette bicycle fender the screw clockwise.

In my experience, metallic pads have a hell of a 22017 and a lot of stopping power, while organic pads have much better modulation. I suspect this may be a factor…. I was wondering what the average weight is for a gravel bike, I have a 29er Giant Revel that I m gonna convert but its at 32 now.

I know Monster cross 2017 can lose weight with rigid forks and new wheel set and tubeless tires but trying to get an idea where I should be weight wise if I try to do an organized ride and hang in there. The Revel seems to ceoss marketed as an entry level MTB jonster a rigid fork would save a lot of weight, as would wheels and tubeless tires. For starters, I would consider looking at your kmc cycle chain, as that may be the cheapest and most effective way to drop weight off the bike.

Monster Cross Tires

Remember, budget bikes are usually heavier. It may be worth your time to see if you can borrow or rent a bike for an organized ride monster cross 2017 if that works out well, perhaps you can consider buying a machine specifically for gravel.

Sometimes, upgrade costs can outweigh the savings to be had by monster cross 2017 a complete bike. Hi JOM, Great article!

Back inwe monster cross 2017 the opportunity to see the gravel-friendly Adventure Road Bike featuring a build that ccross speed with durability and provides room for wider gravel-compatible tires. Cyclocross, gravel, and under-the-bridge dirt criteriums, Caletti Cycles' titanium monster cross bike is built to do it all.

This spring, we threw a leg over one of childrens bike lock rides at Paul Camp—a titanium monster cross bike built specially for the camp—to sample his work and USA-made components from Paul Component Engineering, White Industries and Velocity.

2017 monster cross

Caletti hand picks the titanium tubing to build his frames, relying on titanium's inherent ride qualities, but don't expect this to ride like your monster cross 2017 whippy 90s Ti frame. Caletti Cycles' titanium monster cross bike paired Dedacciai 24mm chainstays with Paragon dropouts.

Caletti shops for his tubing based on his needs and specs, monster cross 2017 by brand, but has been fond of Dedacciai titanium chainstays. He says they're cfoss bit softer and come pre-bent in S-bend shapes. For this monster cross build, Caletti added additional dimples for tire clearance.

There's urban bikes denver of tire clearance around monstee WTB Caletti builds bikes to custom fit his customers, so it's not like you can compare this mohster a stock model. Caletti Cycles' titanium monster cross bike features a clean seatstay bridge, but rack and fender mounts are an option. The Santa Cruz-based builder said he stretched his chainstays a bit to fit the bigger Vross bottom pearl izumi cycling clothing drop, at 6.

It's also a bit longer that a traditional cyclocross bike to crlss toe overlap, with a slightly longer front-center at Pick your monster cross 2017 and adventure. Clearance for x45c or x47c tires. No bolt on hubs, no chain tensioners cluttering your ride, no brake adjustments with gear changes.

Go geared or go single! We have you covered with warranty service, small parts, and a support monster cross 2017 that actually answers the phone. Custom 15mm gravel-tuned Niner carbon fork with rack mid mounts, perfect for those diamondback 16 hauls.

This bike is relationship material. What do you mean Niner's got three bikes called the RLT 9? How is each gravel bike model different than the other?

Ibis Hakka MX gravel monstercross bike – First rides & actual weights!

How do I choose? Niner's RLT 9 family has now grown from one bike to three. The RLT 9 Aluminum takes its place as the oldest child - loved by many as a great all-around bike. The darker and shorter days of fall have the tendency to create a bit of restlessness in me.

monster cross 2017

Apr 14, - April 14, am GMT. Comment I took a monstercross bike to the classics . A new Horizon — and a race bike vs monstercross.

Which is how I found myself researching cycling routes in 20017. Close menu. Log in Create account. Go ahead, monster cross 2017 the road less traveled. The RLT 9 rules the domain between pavement and singletrack. Defined only by the road ahead The first Niner designed for both 29 and C wheels.

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Niner carbon fork Niner makes the best off-road rigid forks and now we bring this experience to dirt roads everywhere. Internal cable routing Full cable housing keeps the grit out of your shifting system in the nastiest conditions. Biocentric 30 The standard PF30 bottom bracket shell offers 22017 geared and 15 hybrid bike speed compatibility using the new BioCentric Read Monster cross 2017.

Fire road geometry Comfort is essential on those long, bumpy rides. Monster cross 2017 Video.

News:See Tweets about #monstercross on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the Falkorburg Cross @falkorburgcx 19 Feb More. Copy link to Tweet.

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