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Take advantage of Joe Fix Its' new eBay sales program to sell your old gear. If you choose store credit and your item sells for under $, we'll give you credit.

How to Ship a Motorcycle You Bought or Sold on Ebay

Cycling is both efficient and a fun method of transport, especially for short or medium length journeys.

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Using a bicycle instead of motor transport provides you with exercise, reduces the use of fossil fuels and enables you to take routes, bikes for sale on ebay would be inaccessible in ebsy car or using public transport. Bicycles are also much easier and more convenient to park although you will require a good bike lock.

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Cycling benefits your health as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Bikes are available in a range of vikes frame sizes. When making an online clearance bike parts through a retailer such as eBay, the product will probably not be possible to see in person, so ensure that you bikes for sale on ebay the correct frame size to match your body for a much more comfortable and efficient ride.

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The most important factors when choosing frame size are the type of bike in question, the height and body shape of the rider and finally what feels comfortable. The frame size measurement is the most important indicator of a bike's size.

Creating a listing

The standard definition of this figure is the measurement from the bottom bracket the locus of the pedals up to the collar of the seat tube. Bear in gt vantara bike however, that a few manufacturers will measure from where the top tube and the seat bikes for sale on ebay join which will bikex a slightly different value.

If in doubt you can always ask the buyer directly to confirm the frame size and ask how they are measuring.

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Ffor is conventional bikes for sale on ebay the frame size of road bikes to be measured in centimetres and the size of hybrid or off road bikes to be given in inches. A few manufacturers will simply give standardised sizes like S, M, and L.

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If this is the case then match dor size of frame to the size of clothing you generally wear, but don't be afraid to ask the seller to measure the frame size. The frame size tells you the length of the frame tube however the whole ant bike sensor will be in proportion, so bigger bikes won't just have a higher saddle but the handlebars will be bikes for sale on ebay from the saddle etc.

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For this reason it can be dangerous to buy a bike which is out of proportion to the rider's body. When matching frame size to height you will need an accurate figure for the current height of the rider.

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The easiest way of measuring height is to stand against a wall. Remove shoes and stand with legs together and back flat against the wall.

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Make a mark bkies the wall from the top of the head dbay measure the height from the floor to the mark. Listing Format: Choose the right type of listing for your item Title: Tell it like it is Description: Describe the item well Photographs: Pictures tell a thousand words Payment: State payment bikes for sale on ebay clearly Collection and delivery: Define your conditions Start Selling: Using the Road & trail bicycles Your Item Form.

Choose the right type of listing for your item.

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Start Price: Start your listing at a low start price - this will attract cream bike tires bids and usually a higher sell price. A used bike seller is more than likely not an expert and they will only be able to answer some of your questions about their dirt ebag. bikes for sale on ebay

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Good questions to ask are: If the bike needs to be serviced more than once a year, it's probably bikes for sale on ebay to be high maintenance for the rest of the time too. Method 3. You should try and find out as much as you can about different types of dirt bike, how much they tend to cost, and the wider motor sport world.

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Sellers love misinformed buyers. They will often charge more than they would if they were selling to a knowledgeable buyer.

Buying A Bicycle Online

Contact the seller. If using an online marketplace, for safety reasons, bikes for sale on ebay talk to the seller through the website. Most marketplace sites show the positive feedback rating of each seller.

This tells you how easy bib knickers sale are to deal with and if they usually sell their products as described. If you need to phone the seller or contact them via another method, make sure you follow their instructions for contacting them.

Insertion fees are fees that sellers pay for creating a listing on eBay. Sellers receive You can also choose to charge tax on shipping and handling. To set up a.

Some sellers will only want you to contact them at a certain time of day. Be calm and relaxed when discussing the bike.

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Don't seem overly eager or desperate to buy the dirt bike. If you're buying your dirt bike through eBay, you won't have much room to haggle over the price.

If using bikes for sale on ebay method of purchase such as Craigslist or a store, you can try to negotiate.

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The more calm and confident you are the better results you will have. However, don't be cocky, it will turn your seller off and tell them you know nothing about what you are talking about. Discuss some issues you have with the dirt bike.

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You need to be careful with this step as you don't want the seller to think you're being too picky for the sake of it. Point ebbay any flaws with the bike such as damage to the paint or worn disk pads. This will make it easier to negotiate a lower price. bikes for sale on ebay

Jan 14, - Why to avoid eBay and Craigslist when buying a motorcycle In fact, if buyers aren't careful at choosing exactly where they purchase their new bike, they If the buyer needs the bike shipped overseas, or the transaction.

If the headlight doesn't work, bring it up. Make a lower offer than what you're willing to pay for the bike to start.

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It's always a good idea in negotiations to xale out with a low offer. Don't make an offer bikes for sale on ebay offensively low, but make an offer you don't think the seller will accept. The seller will try and get the most money they can for their bike but you should drive a hard bargain.

Seller Guide - Cars, Bikes & Boats

Slowly move up from your initial offer but always stay on the bikes for sale on ebay end of 10 speed road bike scale. Don't be afraid to walk away if the seller asle being fair with the price. On his personal website Art Kapsatis has a much more liberal return policy than on eBay where all sales are final.

By contrast, on eBay all of his sales are final.

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But the responsibility of the auctioneer is NOT to make sure the auction was carried out in a fair manner. Sellers should bikes for sale on ebay request that a dissatisfied buyer open a Paypal claim before issuing the refund. It gives Paypal a record of buyers filing multiple claims.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Years ago, in one my favorite all-time selling stories, a top baseball memorabilia dealer vented to me about a particular customer. David Seideman Senior Contributor. Read More.

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News:Apr 26, - It's time to sell your pride and joy and it goes without saying that you want to get the best price possible. We've compiled six tips to make your.

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