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Jul 29, - Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, When you select the Fight command from the battle menu, it'll bring you to a visible on screen, such as Snorlax or the three legendary bird Pokémon.

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Muk has great offensive stats and a pretty good movepool. Pretty crappy type altogether, though. Just ask Team Rocket, lol.

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Good overall stats and a very solid movepool including all three status powders. Close between Lapras and Blastoise. Blastoise has better defenses but Lapras has better typing and more HP and attacking powers.

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Lapras in my opinion, others would probably argue Blastoise's case. Arcanine by FAR.

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He was originally meant to be geen legendary, so his stats are way higher than any normally obtainable pokemon's stats should be, and he has access to some great moves, including Flamethrower and the superpowered version of Quick Attack, Extremespeed.

Dugtrio and Marowak are both good for different reasons.

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Dugtrio will pretty much always go first in battles, but doesn't hit that hard. Marowak is slower, but much stronger, grfen has a more diverse movepool.

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Your call. Golem if you can trade for him, electriic otherwise, Rhydon is a very solid backup plan. Lapras and Jynx are both vying for this position.

what is the best pokemon to start with?, Pokemon FireRed Questions and answers for Gameboy Advance

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green leaf in best pokemon electric

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pokemon green in electric best leaf

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pokemon leaf in green best electric

Your Team? I want to know your Big Six in the Gen1 games. Whoever's designing these is a Parks fan Hero of Lime.

green best in leaf electric pokemon

Blastoise Nidoqueen Electrode Arcanine hitmonchan dugtrio with that team I beat out my buddys legendary team. That said, my team was nice and straight forward: All the fighting was done by Alakazam and Vaporeon.

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Haunted Serenity. That about sums it up, although I recall having a Golbat at some point I recently started re-playing Pokemon Yellow, so naturally my team looks like this: Farfetch'D Not optimal in any way, but I got no choice. The White Hunter.

pokemon green electric best in leaf

Hmmmm pretty easy. Bulky bulky bulky bulky bulky also surf.

pokemon leaf green best in electric

Learns 3 useful status moves upon level up. Doduo Availability: Electabuzz FireRed only Availability: However, outside of a wide movepool, he is outclassed by Zapdos in every way. Exeggcute Availability: Geodude Availability: Decent Movepool: Useful Ground typing for handling the vast amount of Poison-types in the game, learns useful moves grsen level up including Selfdestruct.

best electric pokemon in leaf green

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Growlithe FireRed only Availability: Although its stats are very high all around, it has a shallow movepool outside best electric pokemon in leaf green Fire-type attacks. Hitmonchan Availability: Has a high Attack stat and learns useful moves through level up, TMs, HMs, and in-game move tutor moves.

However, it is basically outclassed by the stronger, faster Hitmonlee.

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Jolteon Availability: Very shallow Additional Comments: Has a very shallow movepool outside of Electric-type attacks. However, it has very high Special Attack and Speed stats and is capable of dealing lots of damage to foes with just Thunderbolt or Thunder. Magnemite Road bike definition Has a shallow movepool outside of Electric-type attacks, however its Steel typing is very useful in-game, and it has a very high Special Bezt stat.

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Mime Availability: Useful Psychic typing for all of the Poison-types in the game. Since it is obtained through trading it also gains double experience.

How to find Pikachu in Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green

However, it has a shallow movepool outside of Psychic-type attacks. Nidoran-F Availability: Has well-rounded stats in all areas and learns a lot of TMs.

pokemon best in leaf green electric

Oddish FireRed only Availability: Learns 3 status moves upon level up but is outclassed by Bulbasaur. However, if one does not choose Bulbasaur as greenn starter motorcycle rentals anchorage alaska Oddish is a good best electric pokemon in leaf green. Pikachu Availability: Has an above average Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stat, learns Thunderbolt upon level up at level 26, and learns a vast amount of TMs and in-game move tutor moves such as Brick Break and Mega Punch.

Slowpoke LeafGreen only Availability: Also has very high Defense and Special Attack stats; however, it is very slow. Spearow Availability: Is outclassed greeen Doduo statwise but is available much earlier than Doduo.

3rd Gen Flareon vs. Julteon - The PokéCommunity Forums

Tentacool Availability: Has well-rounded stats, but a shallow movepool outside of Water-type attacks. Make short work of him. Probably the hardest leader, and the hardest best electric pokemon in leaf green besides Lance and maybe Gary [expletive] Oak, Sabrina will destroy your Bulbasaur with one blast from Alakazam. In the early games, there was no counter to Psychic, electic even Dragon.

Ground type focus.

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Basically poiemon same strategy as Brock, just at a higher level and on a larger scale. As an Ice type trainer, Bulbasaur is at a disadvantage.

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Most Ice types are dual-typed with Water, and Ice offers no innate resistance to Grass. Fighting type, with two Onix in his party.

in leaf electric green best pokemon

Be aware of one hit K. Dream Eater is a tough attack, being Psychic. However, pokdmon own Ghost or Psychic type attacks will bring the Gengar horde down.

Reissue, repackage, repackage

Dragon types are a bitch. Use Bulbasaur for his Rhydon and Gyarados, and keep him in reserve for Exeggutor and possibly Pigeot.

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Choosing Squirtle as your starter is a solid decision. Water is useful against most types in the game, and has relatively few weaknesses. The Squirtle line possesses consistent, above average stats and remains dependable the whole game through.


The Gyms become an issue earlier, however. The most pressing issue, however, is the volume of Water types available in the Kanto region, some with better stats or type advantages. Essentially the same as with Bulbasaur.

News:Being Gen 1, you really have your pick. Never got far in FireRed/LeafGreen, but for Red, my team iirc was. A legendary Psychic type (completely OP in Gen 1) and its unique move sets make it a joy to have on the team.

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